• Turtles Room Overview

    This is the preschool group. These children are polishing their school-readiness skills with a teacher crafted preschool program that furthers their social skills, communication skills, thinking skills as well as their fine motor skills. All of this happens during play and meaningful fun activities and experiences. This group is always more than ready to “leave our shores” when school starts.

    We have strong bonds with our local schools to best prepare the children for their transition to primary school, and work with them and you the parents to make this transition smooth as possible.

    We provide your nappies, sunscreen, meals and of course plenty of affection, comfort and love to our Rainbow Fish. You will provide changes of clothes, swimmer, rashy and towel in summer months, broad brimmed sunhat, sleep linen and your child’s comforter &/or sleep toy for those that still require a day rest or sleep.

    • Polishing school readiness skills
    • Social skills
    • Communication skills
    • Meaningful fun activities and experiences
    • Age Group:
    • Class Size:
      10 children
    • Sessions:
      Mondays to Fridays:
      7.45am to 5.45pm