• Gecko's Room Overview

    This group is learning to negotiate their play as well as develop their vocabulary and communication skills. We work with these child to be able to express themselves in a meaningful and appropriate way that enables them to engage more fully with their friends. Their gross and fine motor skills are further honed, as well as their listening skills in preparation for graduation to the Rainbow Fish.

    We provide your nappies, sunscreen, meals and of course plenty of affection, comfort and love to our Geckos. You will provide changes of clothes, swimmer, rashy and towel in summer months, broad brimmed sunhat, sleep linen and your child’s comforter &/or sleep toy.

    • Developing vocab and communication skills
    • Gaining listening skills
    • Fine tuning gross and fine motor skills
    • Engaging more fully with their friends
    • Age Group:
      24mths - 36mths
    • Class Size:
    • Sessions:
      Mondays to Fridays:
      7.45am to 5.45pm